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Terms & Conditions

The Terms and Conditions below represent the basis of the contract between yourself and LGV Training London Ltd (Trading Names: LGV Training London & LGV Training School)


A contract will commence when LGV Training London Ltd has accepted your booking and received a payment from yourself of minimum £100.

Any contract between yourself and LGV Training London Ltd is valid for 12 months and 12 months only – any requests after this period will not be honoured and the course fees will be considered forfeited.

However in exceptional circumstances an extension of the course might be granted if LGV Training London Ltd is notified at least 30 working days prior to the expiry date.


You can choose to pay the full course fees upfront, or just a deposit which will secure your place on whichever course you specify. If paying the deposit only, the final balance becomes due when dates for the practical part of the course are confirmed.

If the course you require to book is a practical-only course then LGV Training London Ltd requires the full fee upfront, at the time of booking.

Payment is to be made in GBP/£ and no other currency.

Course Changes

Once the medical exam has been booked, it is non refundable.

Were you to fail the medical due to a condition priorly disclosed to LGV Training London Ltd the rest of your monies paid will be refunded.

However if the condition was concealed, the rest of your monies paid will be forfeited.

As per DVSA rules, the theory test appointment can be rescheduled or cancelled with 3 clear working days notice. Please note it is your responsibility to make these amendments and/or to rebook the tests if you failed on first attempt.

The Pass Theory Guarantee would only apply if you have completed 100% of the online revision and you are scoring 100% – in this case LGV Training London Ltd will cover the DVSA retest fees.

Once the practical training course has been booked, it is non refundable.

The practical training course can be rescheduled as long as the amendment is requested by phone and in writing at least 10 working days prior to the date the course is due to start. If less than 10 working days the course fees are forfeited.

In the unfortunate event of failing the practical test, LGV Training London Ltd will assist you in rebooking it and advise you in regards to the cost of extra training if needed.

​LGV Training London Ltd reserves the right to amend practical training bookings if operational, weather or other reasonable considerations such as health and safety concerns dictate so. Should such cases arise, comparable alternatives will be offered.

LGV Training London Ltd reserves the right to terminate the course and/or postpone or cancel the driving test should we and/or the instructor are of the opinion that your standard of driving could endanger life and/or property.


You have the right to cancel your course within 14 days from the date of your booking and you will receive a full refund.

Please note the conditions in the previous paragraph which will be treated as Exceptions.

You also have the right to cancel your course after 14 days from the date of your booking, however in this case a cancellation fee equivalent to 60% of the value of the course will be charged.

Should your course be booked via finance, an extra charge of 15% will apply.

Any refund – full or partial – will be returned  within 10 working days via the same method of payment you used when booking the training course.

LGV Training London Ltd reserve the right to terminate the training of any customer and forfeit all monies paid if they are guilty of unreasonable or improper conduct such as breach of the health and safety rules, drinking and/or use of drugs, verbally or physically abusing a member of staff or training partner or damaging property or vehicles. This is by no means an exhaustive list.

If a customer chooses to leave during/not turn up for a course and/or does not present the correct entitlement on their licence all monies paid will be forfeited.

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